Research administration

The main product of The Immune Disease Institute is biomedical research to improve the health and quality of life in future generations. Scientific research at IDI exhibits extraordinary excellence and innovation, which is manifest in the discoveries and publications of its investigators. These qualities depend on an institutional commitment to ethical behavior, avoidance of conflicts of interest in or outside of the laboratory, protection of human and animal rights, the finest scientific facilities, safety in the laboratories, strict adherence to standard accounting and contractual practices, and the free pursuit of scientific truth.

Oversight of these responsibilities rests with The Office of Research Administration. Specifically, this includes facilities management, intellectual property, government relations, corporate sponsored research, and compliance with federal and Institute research guidelines. Research administration also supervises IDI’s animal, core imaging, and clinical trial facilities.

Individuals administering research functions at IDI can be identified through the Staff Directory link to the left. Funding Opportunities, NIH Deadlines, and Forms necessary for the submission of federal and other grant applications are also available for review and printing.