Wagner Lab Finds Unexpected Versatility in Clot Protein
November 25, 2008
A cut, scratch or other injury triggers a biochemical cascade that leads to the formation of a blood clot to seal off the wound. At the same time, immune cells rush to the site to mop up any invading bacteria or pathogens.

Annual IDI Retreat Showcases Science by the Sea
November 24, 2008
A sunny fall weekend on Cape Cod and first-rate science made an alluring combo at the eighth annual IDI Retreat, held September 21-23 at the Sea Crest Resort in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

IDI Wins Annenberg Grant to Support International TB and AIDS Care and Research
September 29, 2008
The Immune Disease Institute has received a two-year, US$150 thousand award from the Annenberg Foundation to support its ongoing work in international health.

Rao Lab Finds Key to T Cell’s Shifting Proteome
August 19, 2008
When immune T cells encounter the enemy-a virus, bacteria or other foreign invader-they transform from a state of quiet readiness to fully armed fighters. This process of T cell activation, which occurs in a day or less, requires the cell to produce a host of new proteins to fill its arsenal.

IDI and GlaxoSmithKline Kick Off Research Alliance
July 24, 2008
The Immune Disease Institute and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are gearing up to launch their five-year, $25 million research collaboration, aimed at speeding the development of new medicines to fight autoimmune and inflammatory disease.

Immune Cells Kill Foes By Disrupting Mitochondria Two Ways
June 19, 2008
This work gives us a new understanding of a major T cell defense pathway,” Lieberman says. The results appeared in the May 16th issue of Cell.

Prestigious Honors Bestowed Upon IDI Investigators
June 6, 2008
Anjana Rao and Judy Lieberman were among those selected in 2008.

IDI Investigator Motomu Shimaoka, recently promoted to Assoc Prof in Anesthesiology at HMS, reports:
April 7, 2008
In a technical advance for therapeutic RNA, (clockwise from top) Dan Peer, Christopher Carman, Eun Jeong Park, Yoshiyuki Morishita, and Motomu Shimaoka devised a novel nanoscale delivery particle that deposits siRNAs in hard-to-target immune cells. The particles calmed intestinal inflammation in mice by silencing the cyclin D1 gene

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