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Apex is our popular magazine of biomedical discovery, published twice yearly; it vividly captures the stories of IDI research and the devoted scientists behind those achievements.


Breakthrough, also published twice yearly, details IDI’s outreach to worlds beyond the laboratory and is tailored for an audience of friends, supporters, and potential donors.

Annual Report

The IDI Annual Report gives an accounting of IDI’s contributions over the past fiscal year, with special emphasis on how biomedical breakthroughs are benefiting the lives of patients with serious and often fatal diseases.

Investigator paper abstracts

In addition, IDI’s investigators publish their research finding in peer-reviewed journals, including prestigious publications such as Nature, Cell, and The New England Journal of Medicine. In 2004, for instance, IDI scientists published over 100 articles between them. Here you will find abstracts of articles by IDI researchers during the previous six months.