Join CBRI Associates

Join the CBRI Associates and open doors to opportunities in public service, networking, and philanthropy on behalf The CBR Institute for Biomedical Research. The Associates Fund – an annual giving program – provides support for the day-to-day operations of the Institute and gives our scientists the fiscal flexibility and resources necessary to pursue innovative directions in research and to seize opportunities for discovery.

As a CBRI Associate, you can help sponsor events that provide medical education to the public, increase awareness of CBRI’s discoveries and contributions to patient care, encourage collaboration and networking among members, and open the door to additional resources for biomedical research. Recent Associates events include:

  • a technology showcase highlighting breakthroughs in CBRI research to biomedical and pharmaceutical companies,
  • a summer program for high school biology and chemistry teachers in the Boston Public Schools,
  • internships for high school students in Institute laboratories,
  • member tours of CBRI labs and presentations by researchers, and
  • fun-filled events such as receptions, social gatherings, auctions, and lotteries to raise support for scientific research.

Active participation in the Associates also provides experience for future leadership in the governance of CBRI.

Organization of the CBRI Associates

The Associates are governed by an executive committee, whose chair provides direct liaison to the trustees of the Institute. Chair of the Associates is CBRI trustee Anish Dhanda. Vice chairs are Betty LoCualio, lawyer at Palmer & Dodge, and Darryl Sterling, corporate strategic planner.

Benefits of membership

Joining the Associates, you will receive numerous benefits. You will learn about diseases related to the immune system and inflammation, and you will join others to support research for treatment and cure of these diseases. You will also meet other people who share a personal mission to advance health and develop professional and social ties. By promoting biomedical research and its importance to the well-being of your community, you will find objectives for your philanthropy.

Member benefits include complimentary subscriptions to CBRI publications, including

  • Apex, CBRI’s national magazine, is published twice yearly for patients, families, physicians, donors, and other interested parties.
  • Breakthrough is a research and news bulletin published twice a year. The bulletin includes a variety of relevant information such as recent and upcoming events, information on new research projects, and breaking news about partnerships and grants.
  • CBRI’s Annual Report

Other benefits of membership include updates from the President of CBRI and invitations to social, fundraising, and awareness events happening near you! See our online calendar of events.

How to join

Please contact Kim Lubin at 447-278-3334 or via email.