What are the effects of Adderall Abuse on the Immune System?

The immune system acts like an army to protect our body. It safeguards our body from all types of outer obstructions. On the other hand, Adderall is a drug that is used to treat mental problems like ADHD, which are caused in the brain. Then how can this Adderall drug affect the immune system? If there is no link between the two, so how can this Adderall drug play havoc with the immune system? Everything taken in excess is bad. Even too much food can cause damage to you, so wouldn’t a drug that is powerful cause damage to the system that protects your body?

Let’s find some answers.

How Adderall affects the immune system?

Modern Science is still finding some substantial link between the Immune System and the Central Nervous System, which sends, receives, and interprets information signals within the body. Scientist believe that when the immune system is affected in your body, this is the result of some damaged done to our CNS. Adderall, an amphetamine, is a drug that directly acts on the central nervous system, and abusing it may destroy the system, and thus affect the immune system badly. If used in excess, Adderall increases the amount of damage done to the body, while at the same time destroying the shield that protects it from that damage. Adderall abuse leads to the decrease in the production of white blood cells in the body. Adderall also decreases the amount of the antibodies in the system, also inhibiting their production. The after effects include sudden increase in the blood pressure, and higher core body temperature. The heartbeat is elevated and the body crashes as emotions, actions and other body functions get out of control. The total energy generated by the body is lost rapidly and the rate at which it is produced in the body falls. The patient starts gurning and a loss of appetite is experienced by him.

What happens when Adderall is abused?

Abuse of any drug can prove fatal to the body. Amphetamine based drugs, which acts upon the central nervous system, when used in excess prove to be very dangerous for the body. We have already seen what they cause, and that is not the end of the list. There are a number of other harsh effects that Adderall abuse results in. The list never ends. Adderall seriously impair the immune system, but the dangers do not stop there. Continued abuse can result in numerous side effects including ulcers and seizures. Moreover, Adderall abuse can eventually lead to a type of psychosis that is similar to schizophrenia. Adderall Drug abuse always results in the loss of the person who is taking it. No one else is affected by the problems after wards, except the one who abused Adderall. People should limit themselves to the dosage in the adderall prescription given to you by the doctor and should not alter it in any way to avoid the effects on the immune system.